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Top Makeup Full Face Using Only 3 Items Challenge!

Full Face Using Only 3 Items Challenge!


Full Face Using Only 3 Items Challenge!

Full Face Using Only 3 Items Challenge!

We challenge ourself to do a full face of makeup with only 3 products!
* Cushion foundation
* Powder brow color
* Lip Tint

# 1 cushion
Dab the cushion carefully!
# 2 eyebrow
Draw the eyebrow powder along the flow of the hairs of the eyebrow!
tip: If the colors do not match, adjust the amount to make a natural finish
# 3 eye shadow
Apply the lighter eyebrow color to your finger and evenly over the upper eyelid, and apply a dark color to the crease of the lid to make a shadow
# 4 eyeliner
Apply a dark eyebrow to the brush and draw along the outer eye line like an eyeliner
# 5 contouring
Take the lighter brow color onto your finger and apply onto the inner corner of the eyes and blend into the side of the face
# 6 lip
Apply tint to lower lip and rub your lips together. Blend. A gradient lip is easy to complete!
# 7 Blush
Put the tint on both cheeks, then spread and blend with your fingers

[Used products]
Laneige BB Cushion Anti-aging # 21 beige
Skin Food Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake # 1 Gray Khaki Black
The GEL Lips Syrup Tint # 2 Apple Pop Syrup

produced by C CHANNEL Korea

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