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Top Diy DIY: Crayon Marble Earrings

DIY: Crayon Marble Earrings


DIY: Crayon Marble Earrings

Using shortened crayons, you can make cute marble pattern earrings ♡

· Small crayons
· Cutter stand
· Cutter
· Resin clay white
· Glass ball
· Hairdryer
· Tweezers
· Glass Ball Cap Rabbit Ear Gold
· UV-LED resin star drop Hard
· UV light
· Acrylic beads with brackets
· Piercing parts (with hook / stone)
· Pincers

【How to make】
1. Shave the small crayons 2 or 3 colors with a cutter and cut them finely.
2. Place the glass ball on the resin clay and stabilize it, and put the chopped crayon in the ball.
3. Grasp the glass ball with tweezers and apply a dryer to melt the crayon in it. Rotate the ball gently so that crushed crayons spread throughout the ball.
4. Adhere the cap of the glass ball with the resin.
5. Complete by connecting the beads and pierced parts of your choice and the glass ball !!

Marble × animal ear is cute !
Everyone please make it with your favorite color ♡

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