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Top Diy DIY See-through Earrings

DIY See-through Earrings


DIY See-through Earrings

Working time: about 20 minutes
Material cost: About $2.50

· Embroidery thread
· Glue
· Accessory parts
· Ear clip parts
· Round jump ring
· Clear file folder
· Double-sided tape
· Scissors
· Pen

① Cut the clear file in a polygon with about 5 to 7 sides
② Put double-sided tape on all sides of ①
③ Wrap embroidery thread around ②
④ Uniformly apply the glue on one side of ③ and dry it
⑤ Cut the double-sided tape portion of ④
⑥ Remove the dried glue and embroidery thread sheet from the clear file
⑦ ⑥ Cut according to the shape of accessory parts
⑧ Apply glue to the edge of the accessory parts and paste ⑥
⑨ Apply glue to the surface of ⑧ to fill the accessory parts and dry it
⑩ Connect earring/ear clip parts to ⑨ with a round jump ring

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