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Cleaning Hacks for Seasonal Cleaning🍂

Life Hack

Cleaning Hacks for Seasonal Cleaning🍂

It gets cooler little by little and so you feel the end of summer.
Swimsuits and floats used in pools and the sea, suitcases essential for travel…
Did you use any of these this summer?

Actually, many times they are not properly washed and cared for/stored.
Here's how to take care of your summer items before you wrap up!

① Suitcase used for travel

There is a resistance to putting things used outside in the house.
Seria's “Caster cover 4P” is useful in such cases!
Just put it on the wheels! Since you need only wash it when it gets dirty, it is easy to clean.

② Floats that stick together
Ever get stuck when you try to use it?
Actually baby powder can be used ✨
Simply put the baby powder in between and let it blend in.
Before using the float, be sure to wash off the baby powder!

③Swimsuits that are difficult to care for
Have you washed your bathing suit in the washing machine? Actually … you shouldn’t ...!
1. Put water and neutral detergent in the tub and gently wash.
2. After washing, rinse well with water and dry with a towel.
3. Put the bikini on the hanger, and put swim trunks flat.
4. Dry in the shade.

The upper part of the closet with low humidity is recommended for storage of swimsuits!

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