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Top Cooking Delicious Soup Jar Bento Tips♡

Delicious Soup Jar Bento Tips♡


Delicious Soup Jar Bento Tips♡

Is your soup jar collecting dust this season?

Not only can you keep warm, but you can keep it cool, so there's you can use it even if it’s hot out!
POINT: Cool the jars in advance!

Add ice water and leave for about 5 minutes or open the lid and put in the refrigerator
Cooling effect is improved!

case1: Cold! Chilled Chinese lunch

■ Ingredients
・ Chilled Chinese noodles ... 1
・ Mini tomato… 1
・ Cucumber: 1/3
・ Ham ... 1
・Thinly sliced omelet ... 1
・ White sesame ... appropriate amount
・ Attached sauce… 1 bag

■ Steps
1. Boil the Chinese noodles as indicated, wash well with running water, drain and add sesame oil and place in a well-cooled soup jar.
2. Add chopped cucumbers, ham and sliced egg omelet, put cherry tomatoes in the middle, and scatter white sesame.
3. Add sauce before eating.
Stays cold until noon!

case2: Lunch dessert ♡ completed in 2 minutes! Fruit jelly

■ Ingredients:
・ Glass gelatin ... 5g
・ Canned tangerines (300g) ... 1 can
・ Your favorite fruit (pineapple ... appropriate amount, cherry ... appropriate amount)

■ Steps:
1. Divide into mandarin orange and syrup, add powdered gelatin to syrup (about 150ml), put in microwave and dissolve.
2. Put tangerines, pineapples, cherries, etc. in a chilled jar, pour 1 and mix 2-3 ice cubes, close the lid and shake gently.

Make it in the morning and eat it around noon!

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