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Top Diy Easy DIY Mini Christmas Trees

Easy DIY Mini Christmas Trees


Easy DIY Mini Christmas Trees

Glue Gun Christmas tree
■ Working time: 30 minutes
■ Material cost: $3

Pine Cone Christmas tree
■ Working time: 15 minutes
■ Material cost: $1

"Glue Gun Christmas Tree"
· 1 clear file folder
· Parchment paper
· Glue gun
· Clear beads pink, clear (Daiso)
· Star beads (Daiso)
· Scotch tape
· Stapler
· Manicure Pa Nail Color Premium AA83
· Manicure Syrup Gradation (Seria)
· Candle-like light (Daiso)

"Pine Cone Christmas tree"
· One pine cone (Daiso)
· Design paper (Daiso)
· One lid of plastic bottle
· Pastel color pompom (Daiso)
· One star bead (Daiso)
· Glue gun
· Scissors

"Glue Gun Christmas Tree"
1. Cut the clear file folder, round it in a conical shape and secure with tape. Cut off extra parts so it stands up on its own.
2. Wrap parchment paper on top of folder, and cut off the extra part in the same way.
3. Draw patterns as detailed as possible with glue gun along the shape of the folder and paper.
4. Remove the insides once glue gun dries.
5. Paste the beads on like ornaments with glue gun.
6. Color the tree with two kinds of manicure and dry it.
7. Completed with a light inside!

☆ Points
A fine pattern will look prettier when the light is put inside as it will reflect the light

"Pine Cone Christmas tree"
1. Apply glue gun to the lid of the plastic bottle and attach it to the design paper. Wrap paper around the lid, attach chopsticks in the lid with glue gun.
2. Put glue on the edge of the lid wrapped in paper and place a pine cone on.
3. Completed by decorating with pompoms and star shaped beads!

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