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Top Sweets Fancy “Stained Glass” Bean Paste Dessert

Fancy “Stained Glass” Bean Paste Dessert


Fancy “Stained Glass” Bean Paste Dessert

CCHAN Cooking
A combined skill of kneading and agar !! It is a perfect sweet for the coming season ♡

■ Cooking time about 90 minutes
■ Ingredients cost about 590 yen

■ Ingredients:
・ Refined rice flour ... 15 g
Water: 40 ml
・ White bean paste ... 350 g
-Food coloring ... appropriate amount
Colorful agar jelly (easy to make)
Water: 100 ml
・ Powder agar ... 1 g
-Food color (red, blue, orange) ... appropriate amount
Agar jelly
Water: 250 ml
・ Powder agar ... 2 g

■ Steps:
Agar jelly
Put flour agar and sugar in a pan and mix. Mix while adding water little by little. Boil over medium heat for 2 minutes while stirring.

1. Add the white radish powder, sugar and water to the pan and heat until the dough is soggy.
2. Add the white bean paste and drain the water. Knead well on the sheet and cool.
3. After coloring with food color, cut the paste with a circle mould. Wrap around the outside of the circle mould, remove it.
4. Color agar jelly with 3 colors (red, blue, orange) using food color and chill in a refrigerator.
5. Put the broken colorful agar jelly in the bottom of step 3 and pour the uncolored agar jelly. Complete by chilling in a refrigerator.

Production: Miura Kikiko

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