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Top Diy Only 2 cm!! Cheese Hotdog Earrings

Only 2 cm!! Cheese Hotdog Earrings


Only 2 cm!! Cheese Hotdog Earrings

【What to prepare】
・ Deco sweets beans
・ UV- LED resin “Hoshi no shizuoka” HARD
・Velvet powder (orange) for nail
・ Resin toning dish
・ Needle
・ UV light
・ Resin coloring “Color Drop" Mimosa, white
・ Heaton
・ Toothpick (use the tip)
・ Flat Pincers
・ Aron Alpha
・Resin clay (white) for handicrafts

【How to make】
1. Cut the jelly bean deco parts unevenly so that the difference is large and small. Stick a needle for holding
2. Dip the cut beans in the resin, firmly apply orange velvet powder to the surface and cure with UV light.
3. Drop the colored resin on a flat surface, harden it, and then cut into small pieces.
4. Apply the diced resin evenly to the powdered jelly beans and cure.
5. Stick the heaton into the smaller side of the bean and prick the toothpick to the larger side and harden.
6. Apply Aron Alpha to the cut and sandwich the rolled resin clay. Once Aron Alpha starts to harden, pull the clay from both sides before it hardens.
7. Draw ketchup and mustard with colored resin, cure and attach pierced parts to Heaton.

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