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Top Diy Cute Jam Design Bottle Cap

Cute Jam Design Bottle Cap


Cute Jam Design Bottle Cap

· mold
· rubber band
· UV-LED resin hard
· UV-LED light
· Toning stick
· Bottle cap
· Super Cemedine (glue)
· Acrylic paint red
· Resin coloring agent red
· Color Sand Black
· Spoon charm
· Labels for jams
· Tape glue

1. Put together the bottle mold and close with rubber bands
2. Pour resin into mold
3. Push into the mold and harden it
4. Remove from the mold and remove burr with pincers
5. Pour the resin into the bottle bottom part mold and cure
6. Spread the resin on the bottle bottom from 4 and stick the bottom from 5 and harden it
7. Spread the resin on the bottle cap and bond to the bottle
8. Mix the cemedine and acrylic color on the clear file folder, thinly spread, and dry
9. Peel off from the clear file folder, tear by hand and round
10. Add red coloring and color sand to the resin and mix
11. Pour 10 in the bottle and put 9 in
12. Spread the resin with a stick, set the spoon on and harden
13. Pour resin in again so as to cover spoon
14. Place 9 and cure
15. Pour the resin several times into the side of the bottle cap and cure
16. Stick the jam bottle label with tape glue and complete

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