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Top Diy DIY Cute Cupcake Soap

DIY Cute Cupcake Soap


DIY Cute Cupcake Soap

■ Working time: 1 hour
■ Material cost: $10

· MP soap white
· Food coloring red, orange
· Disposable chopstick
· Silicone cup
· Paper cup
· Silicone mold
· Purified water
· Measuring spoon
· Small dish
· Pastry bag for whipped cream
· Baby Oil

Cup part
1. Place the MP soap (100 g) in a paper cup, melt it with hot water bath, add 1 drop of red food coloring, mix with disposable chopsticks and make it pink.
2. Put the pink soap up to 8/10 of the silicon cup and solidify at room temperature.

Sponge part
3. Melt the white MP soap (50 g) again with a paper cup, add 1 tablespoon of purified water, add food coloring (red 2, yellow 1) and mix. Continue mixing for about 5 minutes to solidify in clay consistency.
4. Put 1 or 2 drops of baby oil in a small dish, apply it all over the inside with your fingers, add soap and solidify at room temperature.
5. Place soap from 4 on top of the soap in the silicone cup.

Frosting portion
6. Melt the white soap (50 g) again, add 3 tablespoons of purified water, stir well with disposable chopsticks, and make it into whipped cream consistency. Put it in the squeezing bag, squeeze it out on soap from 5, insert heart soap and solidify at room temperature.

Decoration part
7. Pour the remaining pink soap from the cup part into the silicon mold to make a heart shape and put it on frosting part when it solidifies.
8. Complete by removing the solidified soap from the silicone cup!!

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