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Top Nail Player Ready! 3D Game Console Nails 🎮

Player Ready! 3D Game Console Nails 🎮


Player Ready! 3D Game Console Nails 🎮

Player Ready! 3D Game Console Nails 🎮

Controller for portable game console. It is a design full of playfulness reminiscent of nostalgic toys ♡

1. Apply base clear gel.
2. Apply the light blue gel twice.
3. Apply top gel and drill a hole.
4. Make a screen with the gray mixture.
5. Make the outer frame of the game console with the orange mixture.
6. Drill the buried hole again, draw a button, and put a heart on it.
7. Apply top coat from the top, draw a white frame on the screen with white gel, and apply top gel.
8. Put the gray mixture on the square frame connected with the chain and make a controller.
9. Make a button with the white mixture and apply a top coat.
10. Pass the chain through the hole to complete.

Nail Design: Ogawa Sonomi

produced by cin-cia nail academy
Nail School Tokyo
Cynthia Nail Academy

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