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Top Diy DIY Origami Phone Stand

DIY Origami Phone Stand


DIY Origami Phone Stand

DIY Origami Phone Stand

Watching videos on smartphones has increased,
You can easily watch it by standing on the stand.

So this time,
Introducing "Origami Smartphone Stand"!

The texture made of origami is
It's hard to find it in the store.

* Hard paper is recommended.

①Fold it in half and make a crease
② Fold around the top and bottom
③Turn it over to make it vertical and fold it in half to make a crease.
④Fold it four places diagonally and make creases
⑤ Make it vertical and make the upper and lower parts along the creases
⑥ Turn it over!

If you make it quickly and give it to someone,
There is no doubt that they will be pleased ♪

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