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Top Sweets Strawberry Heart Roll Cake

Strawberry Heart Roll Cake


Strawberry Heart Roll Cake

CCHAN Cooking
Strawberry Heart Roll Cake

■ Cooking time: about 60 minutes
■ Material cost: About $7

■ Ingredients (1 sheet of 27 cm baking tray)
· Egg whites ... 4 (about 140 g)
· Granulated sugar ... 60 g
· Cake Flour ... 50g
· Milk ... 50g
· Salad oil ... 30g
· Vanilla essence ... a little

· Strawberry powder ... 2 teaspoon
· Whipped cream ... appropriate amount
· Strawberry ... appropriate amount

■ Steps
(Preparation) Apply a thin layer of butter to the baking tray and put parchment paper on.
Bring milk to room temperature and let the egg whites cool. Sift flour.
1. Place the egg white in a large bowl and make a meringue with a hand mixer. Add the granulated sugar in three portions. Continue until stiff peaks form and it does not drop even if the bowl is turned upside down.
2. Add milk, salad oil and vanilla essence to another bowl, stir and emulsify.
3. Add flour and mix with a whisk taking care not to knead. Add 3 to 1, with a rubber spatula so that the meringue does not collapse. Mix.
4. Separate one large spoonful of dough to another bowl . Add strawberry powder and mix.
5. Pour white dough onto the baking tray, and drop some pink dough with a spoon. Make a heart shape by extending shape with chopsticks.
6. Bake for 5 minutes in an oven preheated to 180 ℃, bring it down to 170 ℃ and bake for 5-7 minutes. (If it starts becoming brown, cover with aluminum foil.) Place it on a cooling rack after baking and cool. Wrap once cool and peel off.
7. Lay the front side of 6 down and place the whipped cream and strawberries cut into the heart shape, and roll from the edge.
Completion ♪ (If you let it rest in the refrigerator, cutting the sponge and cream will be neater)

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