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Top Gourmet [Singapore] Industrial-Themed Cafe

[Singapore] Industrial-Themed Cafe


[Singapore] Industrial-Themed Cafe

Audrey Patricia
"Ronin cafe is truly a hidden gem situation in the bustling central business district of Singapore. The cafe has a cosy and warm vibe, despite it's dark, cool interior. But what really stood out was their signature drink, the "Matcha Toning". The tall glass was drizzled with a generous serving of rich, thick matcha paste and topped with a serving of ice cold milk. This paired perfectly well with their all-day-breakfast menu. The warm, moist and buttery scrambled eggs with gourmet sausages on the side, was so hearty and satisfying! It really is a great place to kick back and spend your afternoon!"

Matcha Toning + Scrambled Eggs : $16.50

Ronin Café

address 17 Hong Kong street Singapore

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