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Top Sweets Galaxy Coconut Meringue Drops ☆

Galaxy Coconut Meringue Drops ☆


Galaxy Coconut Meringue Drops ☆

Coconut aroma
Galaxy Coconut Meringue Cookies

Made with simple ingredients!
We’ll make it galaxy-themed this time
These crunchy meringue cookies are made with coconut!

Flat board/countertop (1 serving)
・Egg white .... 40g 
・Sugar ... 50g 
・Cornstarch ... 10g 
・Shredded coconut .., 10 g 
・Food color ... blue and purple

・Weigh everything.
・Keep the egg whites chilled in the refrigerator.
・Put a cooking sheet on a baking pan.
・Preheat the oven to 100 degrees Celsius.


Whisk the chilled egg whites
Change to a mixer, mix and add sugar in 3 parts
1st time
Once it starts turning white, add 1/4 sugar and mix
2nd time
Add in half of the leftover sugar and mix til frothy
3rd time
Add in the rest and mix
Once the meringue looks shiny like this, you’re good
Add in shredded coconut and mix with a rubber spatula
Sift in the cornstarch and mix with a rubber spatula
Prepare a squeeze bag
Stand it in a cup
Add food coloring on a stick and put it in the bag
Put purple food coloring on the inside of the bag
Put the meringue in so that air doesn’t get in
Try it out
Now squeeze them onto a cooking sheet!
Bake in a 100 Celsius pre-heated oven for about 100-110min
Once it starts to look baked, cover with foil
Make sure it’s dry even inside!
Cool and remove from the cooking sheet

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