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Top Gourmet [Vietnam] Singapore Frog Porridge!

[Vietnam] Singapore Frog Porridge!


[Vietnam] Singapore Frog Porridge!

Angelina Ngo
Among the list of Singapore’s wonderful street foods is the incredible Frog porridge, which can easily be found in Geylang, a well-known district for late night dining. To enjoy the authentic Singaporean taste of the porridge in Vietnam is no longer a big deal for the lovers as it’s all there at Hoàng Long. Also included in the menu is Roast pigeon that may make your mouth water. The frog porridge takes great pride in Singapore’s cuisine thanks to its succulent frog meat served with extreme spicy sauce and hot claypot porridge.

Long Huy Restaurant

address 164 Le Lai Street, District 1, HCM City, Viet Nam

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