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Top Nail 3D Yo-yo Balloon Nail Art♡

3D Yo-yo Balloon Nail Art♡


3D Yo-yo Balloon Nail Art♡

1, Apply two shades of blue randomly
2, Paint on color
3, Paint on white
4, Before curing, place top gel on make a water surface like pattern
5, Warm the plastic resin clay (use as mold)
6, Dry off and roll into sphere
7, Dip 2/3 into clear gel and harden it. Wipe off uncured gel
8, Take clay out.
9, Clean the rim of the sphere from 8 with a file
10, Make a hole to put oil inside
11, Clean inside out with a stick with cotton wrapped on it
12, Paint acrylic mixture on nail and attach the sphere
13, Fill the boundary line with gel to close any gap other than the oil entrance so that the oil will not leak
14, Put hologram flakes in from the entrance
15, Put the oil in using a syringe
16, Block the entrance with acrylic mixtures
17, Color the ball with a clear color gel. Be careful not to color too much at this time
18, Paint the yo-yo balloon pattern on with a gel

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