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Top Cooking Bicolor Jewel Hot Pot

Bicolor Jewel Hot Pot


Bicolor Jewel Hot Pot

CCHAN Cooking
■ Cooking time: about 30 minutes (excluding cooling time in refrigerator)
■ Material cost: Approximately $11

■ Ingredients
- Sliced ​​pork belly meat ... 300 g
· Cabbage ... 1/4 piece
· Shimeji mushrooms ... 1/2 pack
· Bean sprouts ... 1/2 bags
· Chinese chives ... 2 handfuls
· Cilantro (As you like) ... a little
· Gelatin ... 20 g + 20 g

<Red soup>
· Doubanjiang sauce ... 2 tablespoons
· Ketchup ... 3 tablespoons
· Powdered red pepper ... 1 teaspoon
· Chicken stock powder... 1 teaspoon
· Water ... 500ml

<White soup>
· Chicken stock powder ... 1 tablespoon
· Salt ... a bit
· Water ... 500ml

■ Steps
(Preparation) Cut the cabbage into pieces and cut off the roots of the shimeji.
Cut the chives and cilantro into 5 cm width pieces.
1. Mix all red soup ingredients in a small pan. Heat over medium heat, add gelatin when boiling, mix lightly. Pour into a bat and cool it in a refrigerator until it solidifies.
2. Mix and cool white pot soup with gelatin like in step 1.
3. After it solidifies, break it with a spoon.
4. Put cabbage and shimeji in a pot, and create a tower with chives and bean sprouts. Wind the pork meat around it.
Complete by putting 3 around the tower♪ (When you eat, please pour 100ml of water into the bottom of the pot and heat it.)

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