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Top Diy Rainbow ☆ DIY Zipper Pouch!

Rainbow ☆ DIY Zipper Pouch!


Rainbow ☆ DIY Zipper Pouch!

Rainbow ☆ DIY Zipper Pouch!

A large rainbow spread in the sky after rain.

It's such a fun feeling
This zipper pouch!

[Things to prepare]
・ 16 fasteners ... 24cm x 5 pairs sold at 100 yen shop
・ One small fastener
・ Elastic… Black
・ adhesive
・ clip

① Stick 16 zippers together with an adhesive
②Turn the zipper over and stick elastic on both sides.
③ When it is dry, turn it over again and open the zipper a little.
④ Apply adhesive on both sides and fold a small zipper in the upper right part
⑤ Fold it in half and attach the lower zipper with adhesive.
⑥ Fix both sides with clips and dry
⑦ Turn it over from the part where the zipper is open, and it will be completed!

Since it can be made with adhesive, there are no difficult steps.

Rainbow spread on your desk
Let's draw with your own hands ☆

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