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Top Gourmet 【Thailand】HOT ice cream!?

【Thailand】HOT ice cream!?


【Thailand】HOT ice cream!?

Bri B.
Tom Yum Kung served in the Tom Yum pot has got to be one of the most signature Thai dishes. At this small ice cream parlour known as Tongue Fun, they take the staple pot and fill it with ice cream. With the help of dry ice in the centre part, they give a boiling effect to the ice cream dish so it looks like smoke lava spilling over your ice cream. If the presentation alone isn’t enough to convince you for a visit, how about the interesting flavours? You can try wasabi flavour, beer flavour, and Red Bull vodka flavour among others. Prices per scoop vary from 25 Baht for common flavours to 30 Baht for more exotic flavours.

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