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Top Gourmet [Korea] Unlimited Salmon for $12

[Korea] Unlimited Salmon for $12


[Korea] Unlimited Salmon for $12

Yvonne Flores
This relatively new restaurant located just outside of Sangsu Station is heaven for salmon lovers. Salmon is not cheap in Seoul so to find a buffet for 14900, if you really love salmon, I’d say why not check it out. They basically have different set menus you can choose ranging from 14900 to 17000 won. It could come with either unlimited yukhoe, or deep-fried squid or pajeon depending on the set you choose. It’s a great choice if you’re craving salmon!

Unlimited Salmon Set – 14900won

Yeoneo Sanghoe

address Sangsu-dong 309-7, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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