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Top Sweets Crunchy and Chewy! Churro Bowl

Crunchy and Chewy! Churro Bowl


Crunchy and Chewy! Churro Bowl

CCHAN Cooking
<Crunchy and Chewy! Churro Bowl>

■ Cooking time: About 25 minutes (Freezing time is excluded)
■ Material cost: Approximately $2.50 (excluding topping)

■ Ingredients (per 6)
<Churro dough>
· Pancake mix ... 350g
· Cocoa powder ... 2 tablespoons
· Eggs ... 2
· Milk ... 150ml

· Salad oil ... appropriate amount

<Topping> As you like
· Whipped cream ... appropriate amount
· Ice cream ... Appropriate amount
· Almond Pocky ... Appropriate amount
· Topping sugar ... appropriate amount

■ Procedure
1. Add pancake mix, cocoa powder, milk, eggs and mix until there are no clumps. Put the dough into a squeeze bag.
2. Squeeze out dough onto the inverted muffin mold and freeze until everything is frozen.
3. Fry dough for about 5 minutes with oil preheated to 160 ℃. (Please fry it so that it cooks evenly by letting it touch the air or turning it over with a frying net.) Take out onto vat and cool.
4. Top with your favorite ingredients such as ice cream and its done♪

<Picture Perfect! Rainbow Churros>

■ Cooking time: About 40 minutes
■ Cost: About $6.50

■ Ingredients
· Pancake mix ... 400g
· Eggs ... 2
· Milk ... 120ml
· Cooking oil ... appropriate amount

· Chocolate ... 100 g
· Chocolate (white) ... 100 g
· Topping sugar ... appropriate amount
· Silver dragees ... appropriate amount
· Coconut shavings... appropriate amount

· Ice cream (if you like) ... appropriate amount
· Whipped cream (if you like) ... appropriate amount

■ Steps
1. Add pancake mix, milk and eggs and mix until there are no lumps. Put the dough into a piping bag.
2. When frying oil is heated to 180 ℃, squeeze out dough so that it becomes looped.
3. Fry until golden and rid excess oil on a frying tray.
4. Melt each of the chocolates by a hot water bath and pour over churros with a spoon.
5. Complete with your favorite toppings♪

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