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Top Diy DIY Cute Bouquet from Toilet Paper♡

DIY Cute Bouquet from Toilet Paper♡


DIY Cute Bouquet from Toilet Paper♡

Have fun with DIY of innovative ideas!

[Things to prepare]
・ Toilet paper (double white)
・ Scissors
・ Floral wire
・ Floral tape
・ Flat pincers
・ Acrylic paint blue / purple
・ water
・ Fine brush
・ Small plate

1. Cut the toilet paper through perforations.
2. Remove the overlapping paper so that it does not break, and then stack it again.
3. Use scissors to divide into 8 parts.
4. Fold the bellows and hold the center.
5. Bend the end of the floral wire into a hook shape, hook the paper, hold it with a flat-blade, and twist it to secure it.
6. Loosen the stacked paper one by one.
7. Cut an appropriate amount of the floral tape, stretch it by hand to apply adhesive force and wrap the paper around the wire so that it hides.
8. Cut it short with scissors and shape it to bring it closer to the appearance of haze grass.
9. Dissolve the blue or purple acrylic paint in water, lightly color the center of the flower and dry it.

Even if it is white or colored with your favorite color, it is cute ♡
There is no doubt that it would be great as an interior decoration.

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