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Top Culture Amazing Daiso 3D Cookie Maker!🍪

Amazing Daiso 3D Cookie Maker!🍪


Amazing Daiso 3D Cookie Maker!🍪

I want to make cute cookies, but I don't have all sorts of molds ...
At that time, if you have a Daiso 3D Cookie Maker, you can make various types of cookies ♡

If you just push it out, you can easily make a heart shape.

If you use a star-shaped opening, you can easily squeeze out cookies!

The rod-shaped extruder looks like hair ♪
Let's draw a face with a chocolate pen after baking cookies!

Ribbon cookies can be made with this!

Cookie dough
■ Ingredients
・ Butter… 40g
・ Granulated sugar ... 60g
・ Eggs ... 1
・ Weak flour (Hakurikiko) ... 130g

・ Cocoa… 10g

■ Steps
1. Bring soft butter back to room temperature in a bowl and mix with a whisk.
2. Add the beaten egg in two portions, mix, and divide into two bowls.
3. Sift half of the flour into one of the bowls in 2 and shake the flour and cocoa into the other.
4. Completed after baking for 10-15 minutes in a 180 ° C oven!

* Discontinued products, specification changes, etc. may occur without notice for the listed products.
Please note.
* Assortment varies by store and may not be in stock.

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