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Top Makeup Best Beauty Items from DAISO

Best Beauty Items from DAISO


Best Beauty Items from DAISO

Introducing useful beauty items that you can buy at Daiso!
You can enhance the effect of beauty at once by just getting these ♡

It is also recommended items for everyone who especially wants to put emphasis on skin care and moisture!
Please get it!

ITEM 1: Hoippuruun
Add cleansing, add water, make bubbles
→ You can make finer bubbles ☆

ITEM 2: Compression Face Mask
It can be used as a sheet if it is included in lotion
→ You can easily make a highly moisturizing sheet mask ☆

ITEM 3: Silicone wet mask
Applying on the sheet mask will have more than double the effect
→ Prevents drying of the seat mask and sustains moisturizing power for an even longer period ☆

ITEM 4: Guasha
Face massage, get rid of the swelling of your face
Just by using guasha, the face of the next day will improve better ☆

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