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Top Diy Pressed Flower Resin Phone Case

Pressed Flower Resin Phone Case


Pressed Flower Resin Phone Case

We often see pressed flower smartphone cases.
They’re cute but can be expensive, and what if you don’t really like the design all that much?
You can make a cute smartphone case yourself, and we will give you some tips for a professional-looking case! ☆

If we can do it, you can do it! :)

■ Material
・ Smartphone case (The one of the video is purchased at Seria, a Japanese dollar store)
・ Pressed flower
・ Resin

■ What to use
・ Vinyl gloves
・ Brush and brush
・ UV light
・ Tweezers

■ How to make:
1. Apply resin in the place you plan to put the pressed flower
2. Place the pressed flower on the resin
3. Cure with UV light
4. Apply resin over top and spread it evenly with a brush
5. Cure with UV light
※ If you are concerned the flowers might come off, please repeat steps 4 and 5 again.

When using multiple flowers
・ It is easy to balance colors if you start by placing the darker/more pigmented colored flowers first
・ Place lighter colored flowers and finer flowers to fill the gaps

When using only one kind of flower
・ Adding petals and leaves makes for a better balance on the case

When using smaller flowers
・ If you place it outlining the case, it will look classy and fashionable!

※ Please wear gloves when working
※ Please do not work around children

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