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Top Diy DIY Accessory Pouch!

DIY Accessory Pouch!


DIY Accessory Pouch!

DIY Accessory Pouch!

・ Fake leather
・ Cutting mat
・ Snap button
・ Needle, thread
・ Pencil
・ ruler
・ Wooden pinch
・ Hammer
・ Striking tool
・ Transfer seal
・ Glue gun
・ Flower accessories

1. Cut faux leather to size
2. Bend the right end and fix with a pinch
3. Make a hole in the upper right part with a hammer
4. Sew the snap button fittings
5. Sew the other metal fitting on one side
6. Bend from the bottom right and sew it to fix
7. Add a transfer sticker
8. Put a flower accessory on the sewn part of the snap button to complete!

Easy to use,
It is perfect for everyday use.

Besides accessories
It seems to be good for coins left over.

There are various uses,
It is a small and reliable pouch ♪

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