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Top Sweets Crush & Eat! Schneeballen German Recipe

Crush & Eat! Schneeballen German Recipe


Crush & Eat! Schneeballen German Recipe

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Crush and then Eat! Schneeballen Recipe from Germany

German traditional pastry, Schneeballen ♪
A novel sweet that is crushed with a hammer before eaten.
It can also release stress and is delicious. Enjoy such a new taste.

■ Ingredients
・ Strong flour (Kyoryokuko) ... 300g
・ Weak flour(Hakurikiko) ... 100g
・ Sugar ... 50g
・ Eggs ... 1
・ Milk ... 200ml
・ Vanilla essence: 1 teaspoon
・ Lemon peel ... 1 bottle
・ Butter… 50g
・ Baking powder ... 10g

・ Chocolate… appropriate amount
・ Ruby chocolate ... appropriate amount
・ Almond (diced): appropriate amount
・ Sugar powder: appropriate amount
・ Dry raspberry… appropriate amount
・ Salad oil: appropriate amount

■ Steps
1. Put sugar, egg, milk, vanilla essence and lemon peel in a bowl and mix. Add melted butter and mix.
2. Add strong flour, weak flour and baking powder and mix. Take it out on a table and combine it into one and chill in a refrigerator for 1 hour.
3. Stretch the dough to 5mm thickness and cut it to 4cm wide. Ball it together to make it round.
4. Fry it up to 170 degrees Celsius with frying oil.
5. Decorate with your favorite chocolate or sugar powder to finish.

Production: Kyoko Miura

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