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Top Sweets Dragon Fruit Juice♡

Dragon Fruit Juice♡


Dragon Fruit Juice♡

CCHAN Cooking
■ Ingredients
· Strawberry shaved ice syrup ... 2 teaspoons
· Sugar ... 1 tablespoon
· Sugar ... a small bowl
· Frozen dragon fruit ... 300g
· Water … 2 tablespoons
· Lemon juice ... 1 tablespoon
· Honey … 1 tablespoon
· Sliced ​​dragon fruit ... 3 pieces
· Dragon fruit ... 1/4
· Whipped cream ... appropriate amount

As you like:
· Chocolate sprinkles ... appropriate amount

■ Steps
1. Pour shaved ice syrup and sugar into a pot, and heat it to boil down.
2. Spread sugar in a small bowl, make a dent, pour 1 into it and cool it in a refrigerator for 5 minutes.
3. Add frozen dragon fruit, water, lemon juice, honey to a mixer and blend until smooth.
4. Slice 3 slices of raw dragon fruit (about 2 mm is a rough guide) Cut out with heart cookie cutters.
5. Cut out 4 balls from the 1/4 size dragon fruit with a melon baller.
6. Paste the heart-shaped dragon fruit to the inside of the glass, add 3, whipped cream, top with 2 and 5, and complete with color chocolate sprinkles of your choice♪

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