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Top Diy Mini aquarium soap

Mini aquarium soap


Mini aquarium soap

A fish is swimming with one palm! Mini aquarium soap
・ MP soap white / clear
・ Heat resistant container / paper cup
・ Food coloring
・ Cookie type large medium small 3 types
・ Beads
・ Receiver
・Masking tape

【How to make】
1. Put the MP soap white in a heat resistant container and melt it.
2. Colorize by flushing.
3. Pour the melted MP soap into the fish mold.
4. Harden.
5. Put MP soap (clear) in the container and dissolve.
6. Color by flushing.
7. Stick masking tape to the mold and put one-third of the mold with MP soap and scatter the beads.
8 Place the fish soap on step 7.
9. Stack up until the mold is full.
10. Remove from the mold and place in a large sized cookie mold. Pour melted MP soap (white).
11. Take out from the mold, put it in a larger cookie mold and pour in MP soap.

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