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Top Diy DIY: Kawaii Keychain Ideas

DIY: Kawaii Keychain Ideas


DIY: Kawaii Keychain Ideas

■ Working time: 60 minutes
(Except drying time)
■ Material cost: $10

· Strawberry motif mold large
· Square mold large 25 mm square
· Resin clay White (Daiso)
· Acrylic color red (Daiso)
· UV resin gummy type
· LED light
A brush
· Baby Oil
· Cotton
· Toothpick
· Superglue
· Transparent tape
· Head pin (Daiso)
· Key chain (Daiso)
· Gloves
· Tweezers

1) Apply baby oil to the strawberry mold and put resin clay in
2) Remove from the mold and dry it for 1 day
3) Coat the strawberries you made with acrylic color and dry for about 1 hour
4) Put resin in the square mold to about 80%, and put the strawberry motif in. Put the remaining resin, fix with transparent tape and harden while adjusting the position. (It makes it easy to move the strawberry motif in the mold by fixing with the tape)
5) Put glue on the head pin and push it in, and attach chain. Done!

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