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Top Cooking Tickled Pink Tiramisu♡

Tickled Pink Tiramisu♡


Tickled Pink Tiramisu♡

CCHAN Cooking
Tickled Pink Tiramisu♡

It’s a fluffy and delicious tiramisu transformed into pink with beets !!
It's tasty, cute, and light!
It’s perfect for a dessert with your friends ♡

■ Cooking time: about 60 minutes
■ Ingredients cost: Approx. 1250 yen

■ Ingredients:
· Eggs ... 3
· Sugar ... 70 g
· Mascarpone ... 250 g
· Beats ... 100g
· Fresh cream ... 90g

Beet syrup
· Water ... 50ml
· Beets ... 50g
· Lemon juice ... teaspoon ½
· Sugar ... 10 g
· Sponge ... 100g
· Beet Powder ... Appropriate amount

■ Steps:
Preparation: Add 20 g of sugar to egg whites in two portions to make a firm meringue.
1. Put in beets, water, 10 g sugar, lemon juice , in a pot and boil. Then let it cool
2. Add egg yolk to 50 g of sugar and mix. Add in mascarpone and beets and mix
3.Add about 70% of fresh cream and mix it
4.Add meringue and mix
5. Place a sponge on the bottom of the container and apply beet syrup. Place fresh creams from step 4.
Then put it in the order of sponge, syrup, cream and chill it in a refrigerator for 1 hour
6. Completed with beet powder

Production: Ayako Miura

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