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Top Diy Just Add A Ribbon🎀 Fashion Tip

Just Add A Ribbon🎀 Fashion Tip


Just Add A Ribbon🎀 Fashion Tip

Just Add A Ribbon🎀 Fashion Tip

I tried the popular lace-up for knits and socks ♡
The loose GU knit is perfect for skinny jeans and tight skirts!
Adding a braided ribbon will give a girly impression ♡
The compatibility between the velour material and the knit is outstanding! ♡
Since the ribbon can be easily removed, it is fun to change the color according to the outfit!

100 yen socks will be laced-up through with the ribbon!
When combined with pumps, you can enjoy it like lace-up shoes! ♡

Please add fashion points using the ribbon!

■ Working time: about 20 minutes
■ Material cost: about 3500 yen

■ Working time: about 15 minutes
■ Material cost: about 400 yen

【Things necessary】
・ Beria ribbon 7mm4m
・ Knit
・ Masking tape

1. Cross the ribbon with masking tape from the cuff up
2.Tie the ribbon and you are done.

【Things necessary】
・ Ribbon 4mm
・ Socks
・ Masking tape

1. Pass the ribbon with masking tape through the center of the toe
2, cross the ribbon so that the left and right are the same
3. Complete the ribbon

Clipper: Miran Katsumata

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