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Foodie Nails😋


Foodie Nails😋

3D Autumn Fish Grill Nails

Pike is a seasonal fish that colors the fall of appetite.
One of the pleasures in life is grilling fish outside during this cooler season ♡

Incorporating the charm of autumn on our other fingers such as mushrooms, ginkgo, and cocoons,
Please enjoy the nail of autumn color ~ ♡

1. Apply base coat
2. Apply beige gel
3. Apply a fire-y color with orange gel
4. Make a grill with clear gel
5. Paint the grill with silver and black acrylic paint
6. Put the net on the nail
7.3D Gel and Acrylic Powder to make the shape of the fish
8. Place the fish on the grill
9. Cut the fish and coat it with silver foil
10. Make a cut again from the top of the silver foil, and make a grilled color with brown acrylic paint
11. Draw an eye on the sword fish with black and white mixture
12. Make autumn leaves with orange and red mixture
13. Put autumn leaves on the grill
14. Add studs and marbles
15. Apply top coat

produced by cin-cia nail academy @cincia_nail

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