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Top Hair 3 Hairdo for hot day in summer

3 Hairdo for hot day in summer


3 Hairdo for hot day in summer

CCHAN ヘアアレンジ
Do you want to manage this uncomfortable heat with fashionable hair arrangement?
We propose three hair arrangements that are perfect for the summer, which makes the neck part cooler and makes you more cute.

■ Arrangement 1
1. Tie as a ponytail
2. Take out some bundle of hair
3. Make a Braid ponytail part
4. Complete with gold pin accents

■ Arrange 2
1. Take only the side hair, kururinpan at the back
2. Bundle the remaining hair together
3. Complete adding hair accessories

■ Arrange 3
1. Divide the hair diagonally, tie it to the side, and then turn it over
2. Tie and twist all the remaining hair together to the tip of the hair
3. Round the hair tip according to the direction of the twist, make hair bun and pin it and complete

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