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Top Diy DIY : Aurora Moon Key Chain

DIY : Aurora Moon Key Chain


DIY : Aurora Moon Key Chain

· clear file folder
· Masking tape
· Metal frame (100 yen shop)
· UV-LED resin HARD
· Resin coloring agent purple / pink
· gloves
· Toning palette
· Toning stick
· UV light
· Aurora Powder Pink / Aqua
· Acrylic stones
· tweezers
· Key holder parts
1) Make masking tape in a ring and stick the frame on it
2) Color the resin with purple and pink
3) Pour half into the frame, and make a gradation
4) Cure with UV light
5) Take the aurora powder on the attached chip and rub the surface of the resin
6) Drop the clear resin on from above, spread it out to cover the whole, put a stone on and cure
7) Flip to the back, spread clear resin only on the moon part and harden
8) Similarly rub on the aurora powder

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