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Top Diy Great for Winter! 2 DIY Phone Case

Great for Winter! 2 DIY Phone Case


Great for Winter! 2 DIY Phone Case

Great for Winter ◎ 2 DIY Phone Case Designs

① Color iPhone case ♡ My only charm case

"Ribbon Heart"
■ Working time: about 20 minutes
■ Materials cost: Approximately 1800 yen

■ Working time: about 25 minutes
■ Material cost: Approximately 2600 yen

"Ribbon Heart"
【What you need】
· Velvet ribbon (Yuzawaya)
· Metal fitting seal with hook
· Round can
· Heart charm

1. Tie the velvet ribbon to the metal hook seal
2. Close the rib of the ribbon through a round can
3. Remove the hardware of the heart charm and connect it to a round can
4. Complete attaching bracket seal to the iPhone case

【What you need】
· 2 cans with stone mount 10 mm (Kika Works)
· Stone (Kikazo Seisakusho)
· Round can Kanaka Works
· Metal fitting seal with hook

1. Connect a round can to a stone seat (one for one side and two round can for the other side)
2. Connect stone mount -> two round cans -> stone mount -> two round cans in this order
3. Put the stone on the stone mount
4. Close the thick round can with metal fitting seal, 2 closed with the connected charm and complete.

Clipper: Mikuru Katsumata

② Handmade smart case ♡ Easy fluffy smart case DIY

【What to prepare】
· Fake fur
· Smart case ... clear color
· Ballpoint pen
· Scissors
· Double-sided tape ... for cloth

【How to make】
① Place the phone case on the lining of the fur, trace with a ballpoint pen
② Cut it in the form of a smartphone and also cut out the camera part
※ Cut out a part to allow for the charging cable to fit in
③ Put the double-sided tape on the smart case
④ Paste the fake fur and it’s completed ~!

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