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Top Nail Creative 3D Beach Island Nails! ♡

Creative 3D Beach Island Nails! ♡


Creative 3D Beach Island Nails! ♡

Blue sea, swaying palm trees, parasols that create a pleasant shade ... Add all the charm of the beach!

1. Apply a gel to the silicone mold and remove it from the mold.
2. Round the wire and cut it short.
3. Apply clear gel to the umbrella, place the wires at regular intervals, and apply red and white alternately.
4. Apply clear gel over, coat and apply studs, and cut excess wire off.
5. Put a twist of two wires with a clear gel.

Palm and island
1. Mold 5 stems and leaves on aluminum with a mixture of green and brown
2. Paint the nail with a yellow mixture, place the same color in the center, and turn the nail over to make an island.
3. Cover the island with a green mixture.
4. Draw the sea in blue and clear light blue.
5. Apply top gel and put star sand.
6. Raise the trunk of the palm with the mixture and draw a pattern on the trunk with the brown gel.
7. Put the leaves and pearls on as palm fruits with clear gel.
8. Complete with clear gel and umbrellas on the island, and a star stone at the base.

produced by cin-cia nail academy @cincia_nail

Nail design: Kazue Kamiya

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