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Top Sweets Cute Hermit Crab Tart

Cute Hermit Crab Tart


Cute Hermit Crab Tart

CCHAN Cooking
Made using noodles for a cute sweet noodle recipe!

■ Cooking time: Approximately 50 minutes
■ Ingredients cost approximately 350 yen

■ Ingredients (3 pieces)
· Somen ... 1 bundle
· Sugar cone
· Ichigo ... 3 pieces
· Whipped cream ... 100 g
· Chocolate ... appropriate amount
· Tart cup ... 3 pieces

■ Steps
1. Boil the somen as shown in the bag, cool it with cold water
2. Wrap somen around the sugar cone covered with cooking paper
Dry in an oven at 110 degrees for 30 minutes
3. Remove cone from the mould and let it cool. After cooling down, fill somen with whipped cream. Put on a tart cup that has whipped cream in it.
4. Cut the strawberries into scissors
5. Place the strawberry in front to look like a crab. We complete it by drawing in eyes with chocolate

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