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Top Diy Scented Teru Teru Bozu for Rainy Days

Scented Teru Teru Bozu for Rainy Days


Scented Teru Teru Bozu for Rainy Days

Scented Teru Teru Bozu for Rainy Days!

Ever wished for sun during a rainy forecast?
With this teru teru bozu, you can pray it doesn’t rain and it’ll work more effectively! Maybe!

[What to prepare]
・ Anhydrous ethanol 20 ml
・ Purified water 5 ml
・ 5 drops of grapefruit oil (essential oil)
・ 5 drops of bergamot oil (essential oil)
・ Spray bottle
・ Flower petal
・ Tea pack
・ Cloth scrap
・ Safety pin

Antibacterial spray
(1) Put absolute ethanol and essential oil in a spray bottle and mix well
(2) Add purified water and mix well

Teru Teru Bozu
(1) Pack flower petals in a tea pack
(2) Spray antibacterial spray on flower petals
(3) Draw a face on a cut cloth into a circle with a diameter of about 25 cm
(4) Thread a safety pin through the back of the cloth and attach a string to hang it.
(5) Wrap a tea pack containing flower petals in a cloth and secure with a rubber band

The antibacterial spray introduced this time is not only for Teru Teru bozu,

There is also a theory that Teru Terubozu is effective if you do not draw the left eye !
When it's sunny, let's draw on the left eye to thank it for your sunny day request ☆

My favorite scent, Teru Bozu, keep it tomorrow's weather ♫

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