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Top Nail Fruit Parfaits Nail Art

Fruit Parfaits Nail Art


Fruit Parfaits Nail Art

1. Use Pink Gel as a base.
2. Put some valor powder.
3. Put some skull gel into a cylinder shaped mount to great a transparent glass.
4. Use scissors and rasps to shape the glass
5. Create the glass part and put it onto 4
6. Use red mixture to create strawberries and use Red gel to create the glossiness.
7. Use black glitter to create the dots on strawberry and draw the strawberry with white Gel
8. Use red gel to surround the strawberry.
9. Put Creme(Mixture of Pink and White)and Jam(Red)in to the glass alternately
10. Put some Shell fragments as cornflakes.
11. Place the creme (Mixture of white)and place strawberry on top
12. Top the art with ice and chocolate that is made from mixture.
13. Set some heart and the parfeit onto the nail together.
14. Use Top Gel to finish!

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