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Top Diy Insta-worthy! Fruit Waffle Charm

Insta-worthy! Fruit Waffle Charm


Insta-worthy! Fruit Waffle Charm

· Silicone pot stand
· Plastic resin clay (Oyumaru)
· Hot water
· Disposable chopsticks
· Clay pusher
· Baby Oil
· Resin clay yellow ocher
· Clear file folder
· Cookie cutter round
· Whipped cream for fake sweets
· Fruit decoration parts
· Tweezers
· Decoration sauce strawberry milk
· Instant glue
· Eye pin
Round jump ring
· Key holder parts
· Gloves
· Flat pliers
1) Put 3 plastic resin clay sticks into hot water
2) When it becomes soft, wipe off moisture thoroughly and roll it
3) Place it on a pot stand and crush it with a pusher
4) Coat baby oil on the mold that you made with plastic resin clay, put the clay on, and crush it with the pusher
5) Pull out the patterned clay and cut out to make waffle part
6) Bend the waffle in half and dry it (You can go to the next step in about 5 hours. It takes about 2 days to dry thoroughly.)
7) Squeeze the whipped cream on the waffle and place the decoration parts
8) Apply decorative sauce and dry (about 5 hours)
9) Apply adhesive to eye pin and plug into waffle
10) Completed when connecting with key holder parts with a round jump ring!

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