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Top Diy Too realistic?! Mini burger set (resin)

Too realistic?! Mini burger set (resin)


Too realistic?! Mini burger set (resin)

· Hamburger mold
· UV-LED resin hard · soft
· Resin coloring agent (white red yellow green brown)
· Toning palette
· Toning stick
· toothpick
· Origami (red and yellow)
· Miniature tray
· Hand drill
· Screw eye
· Strap
1, Add coloring agent (white red yellow green brown) to the resin solution and mix them to make 6 colors.
(Bun = light brown, lettuce = yellow green, cheese = yellow, patty = brown, tomato = red, potato bag = white)
2, Pour 5 kinds of resin solution (other than white) made into the hamburger mold and harden them.
3, Stick the bun (lower part) taken out of the mold with adhesive onto the miniature tray. Continue by sticking lettuce, cheese, patty, tomato, bun in that order.
4, Apply yellow resin to the part of the cheese and the tomato sticking out and make it shiny. Draw on sesame seeds with resin on the buns and harden it.
5, Pour yellow colored soft resin into the cheese part of the hamburger mold and harden it.
6, Cut 5 thinner with scissors.
7, Fold the origami cut into a rectangle (1 cm × 2 cm) in half so that the white is on the outside, and stick with the adhesive. Put the resin inside when it sticks and insert the thinly cut 6. Once you insert moderately (around 15 pcs), harden it.
8, Coat the outside of the bag with white resin and harden it.
9, Draw the logo of C CHANNEL with resin on the bag and harden it, and stick it next to the burger.
10, Drill a hole in the tray and attach screw eye with adhesive. Attach the strap.

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