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Top Culture World of Ghibli in Taipei

World of Ghibli in Taipei


World of Ghibli in Taipei

Today I am meeting everyone's favorite Totoro! I went to the Acorn Republic Shop located in ATT4FUN! It is the biggest Ghibli shop in the world! At the entrance there is a huge Totoro! And when you go in there is the cat bus! The shop successfully recreated the very relaxing and nostalgic world of Ghibli. It really reminded me of my childhood. In the middle there is a big tree with a whole underneath, and when you look through it you can see the cute sleeping Totoro! Not only are there many Ghibli goods, you can also take pictures! After coming home, I had fun looking through the photos I took! Definitely check it out whenever you are at ATT4FUN!


address 台北市信義區松壽路12號(ATT 4 FUN) B1
ウェブ http://www.att4fun.com.tw

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