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Top Sweets Sweet noodles!? Mont Blanc Ramen

Sweet noodles!? Mont Blanc Ramen


Sweet noodles!? Mont Blanc Ramen

CCHAN Cooking
The noodles look so real! ! It is the perfect fake dessert for autumn ♪

■ Cooking time: about 40 minutes (excluding time to refrigerate)
■ Ingredients cost: About 450 yen

■ Ingredients
· Sweet cooked chestnuts ... 300g
· Milk ... 150ml
· Butter ... 50g
· Whipped cream ... 20 g
· Yellow peach ... Appropriate amount
Seaweed, fish cake
· Sugar paste ... 80 g
· Food color ... appropriate amount
Green onion
· Matcha chocolate ... appropriate amount
· Sugar ... 70 g
· Hot water ... 250ml
· Gelatin ... 6 g

■ Steps
1. Add sweet chestnut in a pot, boil milk and simmer for 5 minutes. Mix until smooth with a food processor. Add butter and mix further
2. Add black and red coloring to sugar paste to make seaweed and fish cake
3. Shred some matcha chocolate
4. Put sugar in a pan and heat until it becomes caramel color, add hot water, gelatin and mix
5. Squeeze out Mont Blanc cream from step 1 into a ramen bowl. Pour the caramel jelly liquid from step 4 and cool in a refrigerator for 1 hour
6. When it has set, add whipped cream in a round shape and place yellow peach in the middle of the cream. Place seaweed, naruto, and the shaved green tea chocolate to complete

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