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Top Sweets Squishy Cat Paw Biscuits💕🐈

Squishy Cat Paw Biscuits💕🐈


Squishy Cat Paw Biscuits💕🐈

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Squishy Cat Paw Biscuits💕🐈

Did we mention we love cats!?
Try this adorable biscuit recipe and make all your friends say “awwwwww”!

■ Cooking time about 30 minutes
■ Ingredients cost about 570 yen

■ Ingredients:
・ Finger biscuit ... 5 pieces
・ Chocolate ... 200 g
・ Custard cream ... suitable amount

Water: 60 g
・ Gelatin ... 8 g
・Sugar ... 100g
・ Egg white ... 30 g
・ Food color ... Pink

■ Steps:
Marshmallow: Put egg whites in a bowl and stir with a mixer until it becomes white. Divide 30g of sugar into 2 parts and make firm meringue. Pour hot water, gelatin and 70g of sugar in a pot and dissolve. Add to meringue, mix, put in a squeezer.

1. Boil a finger biscuit and add custard cream.
2. Dip finger biscuit in melted chocolate to coat and cool.
3. Make a cat paw with pink marshmallow on the tip of the finger biscuits and complete!

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