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Top Sweets S’mores Ice Cream Sandwich

S’mores Ice Cream Sandwich


S’mores Ice Cream Sandwich

CCHAN Cooking
Add ice cream to everyone's favorite Smores !! It has a really interesting and delicious texture~

■ Cooking time: about 35 minutes
■ Ingredients cost: about 1000 yen

■ Ingredients:
・ Egg white ... 90 g
・Sugar:150 g
・Gelatin: 15 g
・ Hot water ... 160 ml
・ Ice ... 400 g
・ Biscuit ... 8 pieces

■ Steps:
1. Put egg whites in the bowl and mix it until it becomes whitish with a mixer. Divide half amount of sugar and put it in at several times,
Make a firm meringue.
2. Put remaining sugar in hot water and dissolve it, add gelatin and dissolve it.
3. Turn with the mixer while adding step 2 to 1 little by little
4. Put half of step 3 in a pan with a cooking sheet and level. Put the ice and pour the rest of step 3 and flatten and chill in freezer for 1 hour
5. Cut step 4 into a size you like and put it on a biscuit. Completed with a burner.

Production: Miura Kikiko

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