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Top Makeup Let’s Glow Up! (A Strategy)

Let’s Glow Up! (A Strategy)


Let’s Glow Up! (A Strategy)

It’s spring! Time to glow up and show off.♡

Apply only on places where you want to conceal as much as possible, such as dark spots, acne, redness, etc., leaving a feeling of bare skin.

Spread gently with a wide area brush while being aware of applying thinly and subtly.
By doing this, the whole face looks natural and bright and fresh!

·Eye shadow
Put pink on the lower eyelid line to the outside of the black eye.
It’ll look like a natural color from within♪

Pull up all the hair into a neat ponytail, teasing the top just a bit.
We tend to hide the outline of our face with the hair, but bringing all the hair up can actually make your face look a bit smaller ♡

Do you feel refreshed now?

【Use item in video】
All creator’s personal belongings

Cast: Tadashi Shiori
Planning and production: Moemi

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