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Top Diy DIY Tapioca Bookmarker (Don’t Drink!)

DIY Tapioca Bookmarker (Don’t Drink!)


DIY Tapioca Bookmarker (Don’t Drink!)

[Things you need]
・ UV-LED resin
・ straw
・ Flat brush
・ Silicone mat
・ LED light (9w)
・ Nozzle attachment
・ Black beads (Onyx)
・ Acrylic paint ocher, white
・ purified water
・ Resin toning plate
・ Toning stick
・ Resin colorant color drop red
・ tweezers
・ Scissors
・ Needle
・ Hexagonal beads
・ Bookmarker (Gold)
・ Chain (Gold)

1. Apply resin to the end of the straw and stand vertically on a silicone mat for about 30 seconds with a light.
2. Remove the resin from the straw and place it on a silicone mat. Draw a small amount of resin inside to make the bottom of the cup.
3. Put an appropriate amount of black beads in the cup.
4. Mix acrylic paint and purified water to make a milk tea color and pour it into the cup. Mix with a toning stick to remove air.
5. Drop a red colored resin on a silicone mat, flatten it, and cure it for about 30 seconds.
6. Apply resin to the edge of the cup and place a flat, red resin on it. Cut off the excess part with scissors.
6. Make a hole in the red part with a gusset needle and insert the hexagon stick beads. Close with resin to prevent getting the water inside.
7. Completed by connecting the book marker with the chain and heaton.

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