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Top Sweets Black Cat Roll Cake

Black Cat Roll Cake


Black Cat Roll Cake

CCHAN Cooking
・Roll cake...1 roll
・Dark chocolate...3 1/2 bars
・Vegetable oil...3 tbsp
・Chocolate icing writing(white)...1

Place 3 bars of chocolate and half bar of choclate in bowls individually.
Heat in a 600w microwave for 30sec-1 min to melt.
( Check and stir the chocolate every 30 secs)

1. Have a baking paper ready on the cooking table. Place melted chocolate(half amount) in a piping bag with round tip, ready to make cat ears in triangle shape as well as the cat tail.
2. Add vegetable oil in the melted chocolate sauce(3 bars) then roll the cake in the sauce.
Keep the dripping sauce on the baking paper, freeze it in the fridge.
3. When the chocolate coated roll cake is dry completed, top with cat years, tail. Draw cat eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers with icing writing to finish♪

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